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FWA Multinational

Since its inception in the year 2017, FWA has been growing at a steady pace as a multi-product and multi-speciality Export Enterprise exporting household goods to the countries in the Middle East & African Continent.

In a very short span of time it has earned a steady clientele in these regions simply because it gives its clients products as per their specifications and value for their money. Having made a mark in these markets, it is now seeking to reach out to the Americas and Europe.

FWA truly understands the dynamics of international business and its stringent requirements in terms of business ethics, quality, pricing and time lines. Over a period of time it has built a truly multi-national character and robust work ethics. Its team of professionals are adept at sourcing quality products at the right price. In short, they- Go to the Source to Source. These seasoned professionals travel across the length and breadth of the country to source products from the manufacturers of repute. The sole objective is to give its clients the best that there is. Walking that extra mile to do it is quite a routine at FWA.

FWA also has the expertise to custom design and manufacture products as per the exact specifications of its buyers. The skill set of FWA enables it to give its buyers products that are a cut above the rest. Team FWA believes that customer service and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. In fact, they complement each other in an indispensable manner. There is nothing like a happy customer at the end of the day.

Our Vision

  • Vision is not only what a company sees or seeks for itself in the times to come. It also entails the aspirations of its clients and other stake holders.
  • FWA has a rather comprehensive vision of wholesome and steady growth. And that encompasses its clients, vendors, employees, founders and just about every stake holder.
  • It is like – All for One & One for All.
  • FWA firmly stands for trust, quality, commitment and compliance. It also practices and advocates ethical business standards.
  • It believes that giving its clients value for their money is the way to go.

Our Mission

  • Mission defines the vision of a company. FWA’s mission is to grow steadily across all its product verticals in times to come.
  • It plans to conquer the unchartered markets and establish itself as a serious and solid player on the strengths of its core business values and the expertise and experience of its team.
  • It wants to increase its client network and retain it by working diligently and honestly.
  • It is in the process of firming up a plan to work for the underprivileged children of the society by involving other stakeholders.

Mr. Vikram Kanwar

After giving 38 valuable years of his life to the banking industry in the domestic and international markets, Vikram knew what he wanted to do next once he hung his boots. He wanted to start FWA- a truly international sourcing enterprise to offer the best of made in India to the world. He wanted to showcase India’s design and manufacturing capabilities in household goods and allied products. A thorough professional, Vikram’s expertise lies in building teams that deliver quality. He is an avid reader too.

Mr. Pranab Kanwar

A young and dynamic management graduate with solid sourcing skills to boot. His wanderlust keeps him forever on the move across every nook and cranny of India. He has a knack for discovering and bringing the best to the table. He, directly and remotely, manages the day to day affairs of the company with his core team. He is a stickler for time lines and quality.


Miss. Prerna Mishra

A professional banker and a creative entrepreneur, she left banking to pursue ‘her passion and dream’ of starting this ecommerce portal. She has a keen sense of design and its subtle nuances. She has taken extraordinary pains to make this portal customer friendly and easily navigable.

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